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Review by: Tim from Rochester, NY

Work Description: Great Fast Service

Comments: I called Bill on November 22nd in the morning. He was at my house a couple hours later. We spoke and I felt very comfortable with him and how he handled his business. I had a tall order to have the place painted by Thanksgiving, Bill guaranteed me that my place would be done and I would be completely satisfied. His crew showed up on time and worked through the day to make it happen for me. I couldn’t be more pleased with Rochester NY Painters and Bill Pine. I am going to tell my broker to get the word out that Bill is a reliable contractor and his work is top notch!

Review by: R. from Rochester, NY

Work Description: The Company responded to me.

Comments: This Company got back to me promptly, and stated that they were not yet certified for lead paint removal, and passed on several tips about what to look for in a company that claims to do lead removal. I appreciated the prompt and detailed response, even though they weren’t qualified to do the job.

Review by: S. M. from Rochester, NY

Work Description: I was looking for someone to design and paint tile for my bathroom, decorative tiles.

Comments: I only got one call back – from Rochester NY Painting formerly Pine’s Painting. He was able to give me the name of someone who maybe could help me. My request was painting on individual tiles – more for an artist-type person. I was grateful that he had the courtesy to call me. No one else did.

Review by: Michelle F.

Work Description: Bill painted my kitchen, dining room, living room, bathrooms, vaulted foyer, and 2 hallways.

Comments: Pricing a little higher though worth the extra money because of his attention to detail. Overall outstanding service and I will definitely use Bill again.

Review by: Chris P.

Work Description: William has painted two hallways, a bathroom, and my bedroom.

Comments: William is a good guy to have in your house. I am satisfied with his work.